Vehicle Alignments are very important! Save Money on Gas, Tires, and Suspension components! Keep you and your family safe on the road

Have you ever jumped in your vehicle and noticed that it seems to pull to one direction? Or have you ever noticed it seems to have play in steering wheel? Both are big signs that your vehicle is in need of a alignment. When your vehicle has a proper tire alignment all four wheels will point in the same direction. Over time many steering and suspension components can cause your vehicle to fall out of alignment with normal driving.
Suspension and steering components wear over time and can evently lead to loosing control of the steering system and cause a wreck. Putting off the replacement of warn or loose steering or suspension components will mean a alignment is a waste of time and money.
Tire Wear can be caused by a bad alignment or warn steering/suspension parts. if you see uneven tire wear it is important to visit us for an alignment as soon as posible. Tires are much more exspensive than an alignment!