When some hear the word “exhaust” most people think of a “muffler” right away. Some even think that the muffler is the only part in a vehicles exhaust system. While your vehicles muffler is a important part of your exhaust it is in fact normally less than 25% of the exhaust system. Most vehicles exhaust systems are made up of one or more exhaust manifolds, a catalytic converter or converters, exhaust pipes, crossovers, flanges, hangers, filter, exhaust gas regulators, gaskets, a tailpipe, exhaust tip, and yes the muffler. While some vehicles maintain a basic exhaust system things like Turbochargers and Federal Emissions have drove exhaust systems to a extremely complicated and regulated part of your vehicle.

Here at Scotty’s we have been working on exhaust systems since 1976 so I am here to tell you we can handle every exhaust repair. With the increase of regulations to vehicles emission systems we will continue education on all catalytic converters and diesel particular filters to ensure we can repair your car or truck.  Exhaust repair does not show any sign of becoming any easier but we are always going to be up the challenge! Call us or swing by for help with your exhaust.