Brakes! The ability to STOP in your vehicle is easily more important than the ability to accelerate.

If you have ever experienced loosing your brakes its easy to see why loosing the ability to stop your vehicle is so unsafe. As a shop that performs more than 500 brakes repair per year we know how important your Brakes are to everyone on the road. Without them you can harm yourself and fellow driver in a blink of an eye!

What can I do to prevent having an issue with my brakes you might ask your-self? The answer is simple! Give us a call and we can get you in for a regular FREE Brake inspection! Everyone has a different driving habit and braking habit so it is never to early for your vehicle to get a brake check.  Today all vehicles have more complex braking systems than ever before. Their is very little room for error so doing a brake repair yourself if advised against. We are happy to provide you will a free quote on the repair whenever you are ready!