With thousand of aftermarket Wheel options we are happy to help you choose a wheel and tire combination that is perfect for your car or truck! Tons of brands are available for order within a few days or even full custom orders to go along with a leveling kit or full lift kit. Upgrade from […]

Strut Replacement

Ignoring worn Struts can effect you and your vehicle in lots of ways! Struts are one of the most ignored maintenance items on a vehicle. They are often overlooked and often thought to be a lifetime part for the vehicle. Here many examples of warning that your struts are warn out: Vehicle ride is shaky […]

Check Engine

The heart of your vehicle is without question the engine. It keeps your vehicle in motion and provides the power the we all need to travel from place to place. If your new to driving or have been at it your whole life it is very likely you have experienced a check engine light. In […]

More than a Muffler

When some hear the word “exhaust” most people think of a “muffler” right away. Some even think that the muffler is the only part in a vehicles exhaust system. While your vehicles muffler is a important part of your exhaust it is in fact normally less than 25% of the exhaust system. Most vehicles exhaust […]

It’s Getting Hot in Here

With summer months ahead we will be hitting some high temps outside! No one likes to be without air conditioning! Act early on Air Conditioning repair before you have to sweat through another hot summer! Vehicles a/c systems are one of the most complicated on a vehicle. With lots of components and tons of different […]

Stopping Power

Brakes! The ability to STOP in your vehicle is easily more important than the ability to accelerate. If you have ever experienced loosing your brakes its easy to see why loosing the ability to stop your vehicle is so unsafe. As a shop that performs more than 500 brakes repair per year we know how […]

The Life of your Vehicles Battery

Your Vehicles battery has a an “average life” like the rest of your vehicles components however many factors can change the “life” of your battery. A battery has an average lifespan of four years under normal driving conditions. However “normal” just means the battery goes through full charge cycles and is exposed to extreme temperatures. […]

More than an Oil Change!

What does a Full Service Oil Change mean? Well it means a lot more than just an oil change! Includes: Oil & Oil Filter Replacement Check & Fill: – Coolant – Washer Fluid – Brake Fluid – Clutch Fluid – Power Steering Fluid – Transmission Fluid – Front and Rear Differential – Transfer-case Check: Air […]

Car Alignment – Drive Straight – Drive Safe

Vehicle Alignments are very important! Save Money on Gas, Tires, and Suspension components! Keep you and your family safe on the road Have you ever jumped in your vehicle and noticed that it seems to pull to one direction? Or have you ever noticed it seems to have play in steering wheel? Both are big […]