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Rick L. September 11, 2023
"Excellent service and friendly/knowledgeable people! I will definitely be using them for my vehicle needs."
Stephanie Williams September 11, 2023
"We truly appreciated Roger and Ben’s support with getting our car fixed and back to us in less than a day! Wow! You truly helped our family out by getting it back to us so quickly as well as making sure our car was secure in a locked location over night! Thanks again for everything!!!"
kevin sieh September 10, 2023
"Very knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely be back for all my vehicle repairs."
Jessica Puckett September 8, 2023
"Very helpful and was quick to get my car back. Car starts great now. I would highly recommend this auto shop."
sean keenan September 8, 2023
"I took my 2014 Tundra in for a new exhaust system. Drove it for 2 months and couldn't stand the reverberations in the cab. Called and talked to them, they had me come back, and an hour later they had a different muffler installed. They were quick, professional and stood by their work. Another satisfied customer. Thank you Jake, Ben, and the techs."
Lara Seitz September 6, 2023
"I took my Nissan Rogue to the dealership for my “scheduled maintenance”. They told me I needed $1475 in additional CRITICAL services. I took my vehicle to Scottys for a second opinion and Johnny Jerome went through the diagnostics and found the only thing I needed was to have my fluids topped off (which I asked the dealership to do during my maintenance appointment). Before I picked up my vehicle, Johnny ran it through the car wash and had it vacuumed out for me, free of charge. Thank you Johnny and Scottys! You have a customer for life!"