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Shawn Fall January 18, 2021
"I moved to GJ a few months ago and drive a ‘97 F150. My first experience with Scotty’s was the result of a referral regarding a long-standing ‘mystery’ rattle. Many ‘pros’ had tried to troubleshoot it, all were unsuccessful. Sure enough Scotty’s found what turned out to be fairly obvious (in hindsight), and quickly quieted the rattle with some intricate welding, and welded some other ‘potential’ problem areas too. Problem fixed for less than $100..., after spending much more for other failed attempts.__And just today (01/18/2021) I was very pleasantly surprised that what I assumed might require an engine tear-down (horrible engine rattle), turned out to just be a sticking lifter... remedied by an engine flush and fresh oil change. Again, minimal cost.__The facility is clean, efficient, and the folks (only recall Matt, and Troy) were pleasant and professional. There’s a refreshing atmosphere that you’re going to be treated fairly, and that you’re not going to be gouged on unnecessary work.__Undoubtedly my old truck will have another issue, but for now I’m happy knowing I have a trusted place to go. Thank you to the Scotty’s team."
Michael Strasser January 15, 2021
"Absolutely the Best muffler/automotive shop in Grand Junction."
Alex LeVan January 15, 2021
"Jake and the Scotty never disappoint and always live up to their stellar reputation in town. This, in addition to taking the utmost care of my truck."
Jamie Scheurich January 5, 2021
Darris Workman December 21, 2020
"I absolutely love taking our vehicles to Scotty’s. I had a main mechanic with Integrity Kar Kare whom I found out permanently closed and was stressed to find a good honest place to take our vehicles. Since Scotty’s I will never go anywhere else. Very happy with their professionalism, quality of work and very short times to get the job done. They always text us to follow up and make sure our vehicles are doing ok after any work is done. I would give this business a 10 star rating if I could. I will definitely recommend to friends and family!"
Destinee Workman December 21, 2020
"They were wonderful!!!! Jamie came out and showed me my filter to replace and they were friendly and efficient with our new rogue!!!!!!! We will be back!!!"