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Dean Moberly March 17, 2019
Wallace Roles March 2, 2019
"The only place I go to get oil change."
Rob Snyder March 2, 2019
"Rick and the everyone at Scotty's have been first rate. I worked in an automotive shop in high school and college and Scotty' reminds me fondly of those days. First rate people doing first rate work."
Lisa Roosen February 21, 2019
"My boys broke down in Grand Junction, CO, in our Suburban on their way to California from Minnesota. My son googled up auto shops, and Scottys Complete Car Care had good reviews, so they brought it there. Ended up being the power steering box. Rick was the serviceman they talked with, and my husband talked to him also, he was very nice, and got the truck in immediately and had a new box put in in just a couple hours!! Alot of places would overcharge people out on the road, but not Scottys!! It was a major repair, done quickly to get my boys back on the road, and they were very reasonably priced!! We highly recommend Scottys!!! Thank you very much for the service our boys received!!"
Stephen Fullerton February 6, 2019
"I simply respect and trust Mike and the crew at Scotty's. I had a check engine light that was coming one and I diagnosed it down to the catalytic converter on the drivers side. So I started calling around to get quotes and everyone was telling me that I would need to change out both and buy the one with new piping, etc and all the prices were $1100-$1500 minimum. I stopped in to see Mike, explained the issue and he said "No, you don't have to change both, just the one giving you trouble. I asked for a price and he said $400, I said how much for both he said $800, but don't do it till you need to. I dropped it off, they checked it, yep, it was bad, $400. They checked the other one, nope, it was good, $0.00. Why go anywhere else?"
Kay Goddard December 23, 2018
"Took my Prius in for detailing. They did a wonderful job. The car looked beautiful inside and out. I sold the car a few days later and the new owner was very pleased with the cleanliness of the vehicle. Would recommend to anyone who needs this service. Thank you very much."